PowerVu Keys

New Powervu Cams Cartoon Network AsiaSat-7@105.5E

Channel: Cartoon Network Powervu
Satellite: AsiaSat-7@105.5E

Cartoon Network AsiaSat.7@ 105.5E Satellite Now Old Keys Working

New Powervu Cams Cartoon Network Satellite: AsiaSat-7@105.5E

Channel: Cartoon Network
frequency: 3960 H 27500

00: F356DD8FD8B292
01: B18CD6531E056A

Date: 03/10/2019
Channel: Cartoon Network
Satellite:  Asiasat 7 @105.5E
frequency: 3760 H 26000 7/8 DVBS
P 0000 00 EC 9C 5D 3D 02 AD 51
P 0000 01 75 BA 85 6F 34 3C 30


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