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Sis Live PowerVu Key 2020

Betfred TV New Biss Key 15-02-2020
Sis Live PowerVu Key 2020

SIS LIVE is a leading broadcast connectivity provider, offering a diverse range of occasional use and fixed connectivity solutions for critical media content. Our portfolio includes our robust media fibre network, Anylive®, an innovative satellite internet and streaming department, and comprehensive satellite, gateway and SNG services. SIS LIVE also has established teleports and dual 24/7 network operations centres in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes, distributing over 250 hours of LIVE content worldwide every day.


Astra 4.8°E
12149 H 27500
12418 H 27500
Key 00: AC 58 7E 79 6E 4F 1A
Key 01: 43 33 C0 2F 0C A6 33

New Key 00: 3D FC 97 F1 53 0D B3 Next
old Key 01: 7F 4D F3 44 36 A5 B5

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