Starsat SR-X9990HD_V1.89(16867) 20160727

Starsat SR-X9990HD V1.89(16867)

File Name:SR-X9990HD_V1.89(1686
File Size:3.51 MB
File Type:application/zip
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Created Date:30-07-2016
Last Updated Date:30-07-2016

Starsat SR-X9990HD_V1.89(16867)_20160727

How To Upgrade:
You Can Download This Software On Your Mobile
Find Software your mobile download softwares
Software copy on your usb and pain drive
USB/Pain Drive Enter Your Receiver USB in Port
You Can go to receiver settings and find upgraded system
Click on your software Files
Your Software Has been Start Upgrading 0% To 100%
After Software Upgrading 100% Your Receiver Restort Autometic