TIGER T1 Oscar FULL HD V2.13 20-07-2017

TIGER* T1 Oscar FULL HD V2.13 20-07-2017

Add.on Cccam cline IPTV MGcam Gshar Biss , PowerVU Conax

Model TIGER* T1 Oscar FULL HD
File Zip application
File Size: 4.08 MB
Created Date: 20-07-2017
File Name: TIGER* T1 Oscar
Version V2.13
Site Upload Link Software

Tiger T STB Loader + Tools Download Here Ali_bootloader_upgrade.rar

1. Connect pc and box with rs232.
2. Open Ali_bootloader_update_new.exe pc tool, select the right com port,and select right file to update(should use upgrade file)
3. Press “Start” on Ali_bootloader_update_new.exe pc tool.
4. Power on the box, it will auto download sw and try to burn to flash
5. After it finish the upgrade, power off and power on box.

Tiger T hd box STB Loader + Tools