Chipset RK3229
CPU  Quad core ARM Cortex-A7MP
GPU Penta Core Mali-400MP2
Flash 16GB


  • Chipset: The T3000 Forever (CA) is powered by the RK3229 chipset. The RK3229 is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) produced by Rockchip, which integrates various components like the CPU, GPU, and other essential functions into a single chip.
  • CPU: The device is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7MP processor. The Cortex-A7 is an energy-efficient processor designed by ARM, and the “MP” designation suggests that it may have some form of multi-processing capability.
  • GPU: The T3000 Forever (CA) features a Penta Core Mali-400MP2 graphics processing unit (GPU). The Mali-400MP2 is a graphics processor commonly used in entry-level and mid-range devices, capable of handling basic graphics tasks and supporting video playback.
  • Flash: The device has 16GB of flash storage, which is used for storing the operating system, apps, and user data. This storage capacity allows you to install applications and store media files on the device.
  • SDRAM: The T3000 Forever (CA) has 2GB of SDRAM (System Dynamic Random-Access Memory). SDRAM is a type of volatile memory that temporarily stores data and program instructions for the processor to access quickly.




Name T3000 FOREVER
Chipset RK3229
Sw Version V3.1.3
File Size 4MB
File Format Bin,& abs
OS: Android
Upgrade Type USB
Network 3G
Server Cccam, Oscam, Gshare, IPTV

File Formats / High-definition video

1920 x 1080
Software Download


T3000 FOREVER V3.1.3 04052023.bin

  1. Android: The T3000 Forever (CA) runs on the Android operating system. This means it can provide a user interface and functionalities similar to Android devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can install and run Android apps, access the Google Play Store, browse the internet, and perform various tasks associated with Android-based devices.
  2. S2: The “S2” specification suggests that the T3000 Forever (CA) has an S2 satellite tuner. S2 is a satellite reception standard commonly used for satellite television broadcasting. With the S2 tuner, the device can receive and decode satellite signals, allowing you to watch satellite TV channels.
  3. CA (Conditional Access): The “CA” abbreviation stands for Conditional Access. This implies that the T3000 Forever (CA) supports conditional access systems, which are mechanisms used by broadcasters to encrypt and control access to specific TV channels or content. With CA support, the device can use appropriate smart cards or security modules to decode and access encrypted content based on authorized subscriptions or permissions.


  • Version V3.1.3
  • File Size 846.79 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date May 4, 2023
  • Last Updated May 28, 2023

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