Tiger T7 Forever H.265 v1


Name Tiger T7 Forever H.265
Chipset T7 Forever H.265
Sw Version v1.89.bin
File Size 7MB
File Format Bin,& abs
OS: ?
Upgrade Type Tool USB
Network 3G
Server v.bin

File Formats / High-definition video

1920 x 1080
Software Download


Features of the Tiger T7 Forever H.265 satellite receiver:

  1. H.265: The Tiger T7 Forever supports the H.265 video compression standard, also known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). This standard provides efficient video encoding and improved video quality compared to previous standards.
  2. WiFi: The receiver has built-in WiFi capability, allowing you to connect it to your wireless network for internet connectivity. This feature enables online services, software updates, and potentially streaming content.
  3. Dolby: The Tiger T7 Forever supports Dolby audio technology. It can decode and playback audio encoded with Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus formats, providing immersive sound quality.
  4. 1 Tuner: The receiver comes with one tuner, which allows you to receive and tune in to satellite signals and access satellite TV channels.
  5. 2 USB Ports: The Tiger T7 Forever has two USB ports, which you can use for various purposes. You can connect USB storage devices to playback media files, perform software updates, or record TV programs.


Tiger T7 Forever H.265 supports various features and functions commonly found in satellite receivers, including channel scanning, electronic program guide (EPG), time-shifting, recording capabilities, multimedia playback, and network connectivity for software updates and online services.


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