What Is an OTT Box How to Use It Home

What Is an OTT Box How to Use It Home is quality worse h.265 vs h.264


OTT providers like Netflix, Hulu, Plex, Kodi,

How to Connect an OTT TV Box to Your TV

Before you download any apps, you will first have to connect your OTT box to your TV. You will need to have an HDMI and power cable to do that.

Most Android OTT boxes come with an HDMI and a power cable included, so you won’t have to get any extra equipment yourself. If your model doesn’t come with both of these, though, you’ll need to buy them.

When purchasing an Apple TV box, you will get the box itself, an Apple TV remote, and an Apple TV power cable with it. You will also need an HDMI cable to connect your box to your TV, which is not included in the package. If you don’t already have a spare one lying around, you’ll have to buy one before proceeding.

After you get all the necessary equipment, here’s how you can connect these devices to your TV in a few simple steps:

How to Connect an Android OTT Box to Your TV
1. Plug your HDMI cable into your OTT box and connect it to one of your TV’s HDMI ports.




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